Empower your rapid prototyping experience

From an idea to a clickable prototype, never been so easy!

Multi-format offline files download

MockingBot supports downloading HTML/PNG/APK/IPA offline files,
and slices of mutiple resolutions.

Prototyping for multi-platforms

You can make clickable prototypes for iPhone/iPad, Android, tablets, watches, PC, or customize the device size. MockingBot provides a convenient and free design environment for designers.

Abundant design resources

With abundant widgets and icons, you can create prototypes like playing with Lego.

Meanwhile you can customize your own widget, and reuse it across projects.

Simple Drag & Drop for interactive prototypes

MockingBot offers plentiful page transitions, gestures, and animations. You can create demos looking like real apps with simple steps.

Quick share and preview

Through QR codes or sharing URLs, demos can be well presented in browsers and mobiles.